Inventing Automotive Country Club and Race Track Software to Promote Incredible Memories for Customers

TrackHero is able to grow, expand, and deliver a high-quality software solution thanks to a team of dedicated designers and developers working daily in harmony with our automotive country club and race track partners.

Our Story

TrackHero was built to help those in the automotive country club and race track industry connect all of the pieces of what is usually a complex undertaking. Never before has there been a tool to run seamlessly from start to finish, so we decided to build it ourselves and make it available for everyone. We love feedback and feature requests from our customers and aren’t shy to make customized changes for their particular business. That’s why we are here. Everyone needs the right solutions to run their businesses and we are here to partner with you to give you the tools you need to do just that.

Our goal is to build innovative tools for the experiential community so they can successfully operate and scale their business.  We accomplish that goal by openly collaborating with those using it each and every day.


What our customers say about us

TrackHero has transformed the way that we manage reservations and our fleet. When booking a reservation, cars are reserved, detailed notes on the reservation are placed, and custom automated e-mails and check in QR codes are automatically scheduled. Check-in is a breeze with this software.
John Flinn

Vice President

TrackHero is a gamechanger! I have spent years trying to find the perfect customizable platform to fit our needs only to run into a variety of issues. TrackHero is the only platform specifically designed to address the unique challenges of scheduling members and events, as well as managing fleet allocation.
Aaron Weiss


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