Gain full visibility into your fleet in real time

Save time by monitoring up-to-date data, ensure accurate information, and make well-informed fleet decisions.

Fleet Management

Keep your entire organization informed by sharing one version of the truth

Fleet managers have access to the information they need to keep the fleet running at peak efficiency and can request or provide vehicles to other teams, powered by TrackHero, both inside and outside of their organization.

TrackHero can be accessed by all of your team at the same time. If you have a decentralized fleet, multiple fleet managers, or have marketing and/or event managers who require access to fleet reports, TrackHero is your solution.

Different user roles can be assigned so that each person can work on the data that is most important to them and their job function.

Fleet Dashboard

A digital dashboard that simplifies processes
and saves time

Share fleets with multiple teams (OEM’s, we’re looking at you)

To become more efficient, you don’t need to utilize sloppy spreadsheets or hire extra administrative staff. TrackHero provides a collection of tools to let you quickly manage your fleet’s availability, status, and finances.

Real-time reporting

Every piece of information you require in your day-to-day or month-end reports is captured in a convenient dashboard. From fleet assignments and blackout dates to lead information on who experienced each specific vehicle, the reports are just a couple clicks away.

Automated processes

You can easily plan and assign vehicles to drivers or events, as well as see which vehicles are underutilized. For effective management, adjust schedules or share the vehicle(s) with another team to increase usage until you are ready to move the vehicle into disposal at the end of its lifecycle.

Save time

Focus on what is important. Now that your fleet is digitally managed in a cloud-shared database, you have more time to make key fleet decisions. Identify possible savings and take the necessary measures to run an efficient and scalable business.

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